Therapy Thoughts

My child develop guru Jerome Kagan says the historical era you identify with–most likely the one you came of age in–is one thing that shapes who you are.  This article reviews past and current ideas about who is a member of the Silent genearation–I am, but don’t think I am so silent; Generation X; and on up to what the author calls Generation i.   Good reading for all.

Welcome to the iGeneration! | Psychology Today.

It is important to also think about how the different events of each generation matter on a personal level.  I was raised by agnostic parents, David by strongly Jewish parents.  We were both strongly affected by WW II but in different ways.  After reading the article, think about whether you match the general profile or if not and then what personal events may have changed you.  Therapists should always consider this when working with clients of different ages.

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