Challenging the Just Get Happy Mantra by a woman living with depression of bi-polar. this article is one of the most realistic presentations on living with a brain that doesn’t cooperate the way you wish.

Surrender to the Brain: When the Reframing Gets Old | World of Psychology.

In addition to the pain involved in having a brain that works differently, the stigma attached to just being different, let alone having a “mental illness” ups the pain in quantum steps.  One hopeful sign is the sharing of information by those who have been there and struggled successfully to keep fighting  helps in two ways: the struggling do not feel so alone;  those not appreciating the struggles of some, gain a better understanding.  Two ways stigma is being fought.

Staying Strong Tip: On those days you stand still  in the swamp of life’s pain, hardly able to breathe,  try to remember that other less painful and often better  times a wait.   Keeping a Feeling Log and regularly Taking your Feeling Thermometer reminds you how feeling come and go and sometimes change for the better is only a short time away.

Emotional Fitness Training is not about always being happy.  Sometimes it sounds that way, but it is really about managing the feeling of the moment.  That means savoring the good and slogging through the bad.  Stay strong.

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