Therapy Thoughts

Scream when you see a cockroach, climb on chairs when a mouse runs across the floor, walk and not ride an elevator.  Lots of people have such fears.  If they seriously interfere with your ability to do what you have to do, you might want to read this article.

Augmented Reality Therapy

Flooding is  is a technique used by those therapists trained in Behaviorist Theory.     Simply put, that means if you are afraid of cats and get locked in a room full of cats for a long enough time and you will stop fearing cats.

I hate caterpillars–my brother Tommy used to put them down my back.  Just the thought of them makes my skin crawl.  No way I want to or need to torture myself to get rid of this fear.  If my living depended on learning to tolearate caterpillars that would be a different story. Choices and knowing you have them and are making them is part of Staying Strong.

What are you afraid of and what would you be willing to do to get rid of that fear.?


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