Burying The Busy Business Mom Stereotypes – Forbes.

One of my grands being innocent, but giving all grown ups who saw a laugh.  When I read the above article, I thought of this picture.  Not that the article is bad, it makes some  good point, but misses even bigger ones.

You now have two choices, you can read the article and guess my cranks or for  those of you who don’t want to read the article, read on and I’ll tell my crank.

The stereotypes:  Working Moms don’t spend enough time with their children,  Working Moms don’t visit their kids’ schools enough, Working Moms are distracted at work.  Her solutions: find a job with flex hours, embrace being well-rounded and get to some school events, find people who will let you be well-rounded.


Crank number one:  The author’s advice tells me she is not just a i%er; she is at least in the top 1/10 of the 1%s.  Should have known that because she is writing for Forbes.  Shame on me.

My point, she has no grasp of what women in the real world contend with.  Flex hours for even those living in the USA don’t exist for the majority of working women and that means no time off without frowns or docked pay, so forget attending school events, soccer games, getting your kid to the doctors. As for surrounding yourself with supportive people an even bigger laugh.

Crank number two and the one most will miss.  If you didn’t kudos to you. By focusing on Moms she perpetuates the stereotype.  Working men face the same problem with a difference–men can off the pressures on them because Mom is still to be the primary care-taker of the kids and Daddy the primary wage earner.  That remains the biggest myth.  Big business has profited the most from women returning to the work force.  Women were and still are paid less, and now it takes two wage owners to have a decent life in the USA.  For the 50%–those living here and employed, but under-valued and under-paid that often means someone on the family is holding down two jobs.

Crank number three: I have a few solutions in mind, but won’t bother you with them now, because big business is in  charge of our lives.  Big business owns our government.  AND Yes, big business has led to great innovations that have improved the quality of our lives, but at a terrible cost to families.

Now that I have totally depressed myself, think I will get into denial mode, make another cup of coffee and play with my grands.  Great grandpaw took them both over, so I could finish this.

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Love you all, my life is so much richer for your being there.

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