Most of us want to trust.  Most of us what to believe in the goodness of others. Wise?  Not always. When do you trust and when do you stop trusting?

Few of us aren’t selling something.  Moreover, not all that is sold are tangible goods. Nor does money always change hands.

Relationships are a mix of what each does for the other.  You must give to get and most of us trust we will then get.  Some give more than the other, but all get something.

Craig Harper is a fitness guru, I’ve been following his blog off and on for about six months.  I like what he says. We think alike about many things.  I did not befriend him, however,  for the sake of friendship.  I had and have an ulterior motive.

I want physical fitness guru’s to think also about emotional fitness and perhaps refer some of their clients to my blog so that in time they might buy some of my products.  Toward this end, I have spread kind words about Mr. Harper here and there on the internet.

I have hoped – “trusted” that in time he might acknowledge my efforts with a like, a comment, or minimally a thank you.   Those who follow me know I have started asking for social media caring and support.

This is my last effort with Craig as I have grown less and less trusting with each effort. I will let him know I have pinned the above poster with a link to his web page. Minimally, that should be worth a like.  Do you agree?


Tip one:  My approach is to expect the best of people.  I’d rather be disappointed in the long run, then lose out by not extending my hand.

Tip two:  Keep realistic expectations.  Craig is a highly regarded fitness expert and motivational speaker. He has tons of followers.  He could easily miss my efforts to engage.  Knowing that I have reached out, not expecting much in return, but I am now working harder to target who I support.

Tip three: Let the other person know when you feel the relationship is ending.  If treated badly make the complaint known as kindly as possible, but make it known.  We don’t change if we don’t know how we might be offending others.  That is what I am doing with this post as far as Craig is concerned.  Hopefully, there will be a response.  If not, I will put my efforts to gain support for Emotional Fitness Training elsewhere.

No hard feelings, well, maybe two or three out of ten, and I am still hopeful to get at least a small response.  I do admire the man’s approach and philosophy.


Life is full of good and hurtful feelings.  Emotional fitness is about handling the hurt ones constructively so you can enjoy the good ones.

Thinking about what matters is one of my Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Exercises; practicing kindness is another;  being grateful a third.  Click here to go to the webpage that describes all twelve.

In the next few months, Metaplume will be helping me publish Emotional Fitness E-books and Tool Kits.  Right now we are working on publishing my parenting books.  My Tame the Test Anxiety Monster is on sale this week for a reduced rate of 99 cents.  It details an emotional fitness program parents can teach their children.  Those who have bought it, however, say it as also helped them stand up to fear.   but will soon revert to its higher price. Think of buying it and writing a brief review.

Meanwhile thank you for your support and as I tell myself over and over again, stay strong.


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