A true friend walks in when everyone else walks out.

Refrigerator magnet wisdom

The WordPress Daily Post Challenge recently asked us to think about the true meaning of friendship.  KevinMD is someone I follow on Facebooks and Twitter for two reasons:  He presents the doctor’s point of view,  has lots of guest bloggers that are MDs.  He also provides solid up-to-date information about health care and health care issues.

As someone on the Downhill Slope who has been dealing with several life threatening illness, increasing deafness, and aging, I particularly appreciated this post which begins the the above quote.

My life’s work supports this view of friendship, particularly my years as a medical social worker.  At that time  (the 60’s) , having cancer or being near death meant the loss of friends and family left and right.  One study showed that dying patients were often ignored by hospital staff.  Things have changed, but there is still a very human tendency to turn away from those that often need friends the most.   It is human nature to avoid pain and a seriously ill friend reminds us that life is fragile and death something we all face in the end.   Real friends stay the course, are strong, but also gain strength;    denial comforts, but knowing death waits does enhance our gratitude for the life we do have.  Stay strong.

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