Celebrate every day.  Renew resolutions every day.   Today’s resolution for me:  To join the Post a Day count on Word Press.  Yes, I know I usually post every day, but I miss some here and there, also I post lots and then little.   What I really hope to do is post three times a day.  One or another Be With Beauty post, a longer reflective post of some sort,  and then a short post on what has most attracted my attention during the day.   I will continue to use Facebook for my political rants and to share other items of interest.  If you are on Facebook, when you see my How’s It Going Feeling Thermometer you will know that is one of my blog posts.

So today’s resolution is to post every day.  This is post number one.  However,  as tonight is Shabbat, and I don’t turn my computer on from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday, am going to renew my attempt to schedule posts, so I can have a Shabbat post.  What this means is planning ahead a bit on my part which is a good thing for someone as impulsive and hyper as I am.  Hoping  to make Shabbat  posts a Remember What Matters  message of some sort–a  sermon, Parshat,  philosophical post,  or inspirational post .  Remember What Matters is the path to staying strong and better handling negative emotions.

Thank you all for supporting me and remember it helps me if you press like, particularly if Facebook friends go to my blog and then press like.  Providing you like.  No one can please everyone all the time, or at least I can, I am too passionate about some things.

Happy New Year today, tomorrow, and may every day find you on the path to peace.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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