NASCAR Drivers Stop Cars Mid-Race, Exit Vehicles, Walk Off Premises | The Onion Sports Network.

Cheered before I realized this was an Onion Post.  Thought some in the world were thinking straight.  Sighing now, but hoping still that more and more people will think about what matters and force those who are destroying our world to do the same.  The destroyers are few, but powerful; the average caring person wants peace, not power.

Please note, no slurs meant for stock care drivers.  My brother was one.  The story just fueled my desire more would think about what mattered.  Moreover, NASCAR drivers are not out to destroy the world, just to make money and enjoy the thrill of the race while denying they could die.  Nevertheless it would help if all of us pursuing our own interests remembered and thought about what matters helps.

Share, care, and stay strong.

Image by from the Onion.

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