Breathe in, focus, hold, breathe out, say “Ahhhhh” and “Thank you.”

This is a seashell mushroom.  Isn’t it beautiful–the colors, the shape? We don’t ordinarily think of fungi as beautiful, but this is lovely.  Thank you Susan Sterngold.  This  got me thinking that my Be With Beauty Exercise was originally called Look for Beauty.  I was thinking of Thich Nan Hahn’s saying the  The rose is in the garbage, the garbage is in the rose.”  As the link shows he was thinking about our tendency to think in dualities–a habit that is very limiting and part of the human tendency to make things simple or worse to divide people into categories.

The purpose of my Be With Beauty Exercise is to have you exercise the ability to find  beauty in uncommon places.   Beauty soothes.  I started looking for beauty in the subway and often found it in the faces–not the conventionally pretty ones, that was expected beauty, but the uncommon ones.  Sometimes I tried to make a less attractive (by conventional standards) laugh or smile and always found beauty when I could do that.   I  found  subway beauty in the color of a scarf, a piece of jewelry, an interesting handbag, tie or hat, toil worn hands, an intricate hair cut.  I  found it by  looking very closely at something like the ugly ads.  Look closely at almost and it’s ugliness breaks  down to just form and color.  Distancing has the same effect–all the earth shines with beauty when seen from space.

Rocks speak to me, big cliffs, small pebbles.  I had to return four bags of rocks to the earth when we left the Bronx and have almost managed to replace them in the time we have been here. I invite  you to share what I call Uncommon beauty pictures as well as the conventional kind.  Tell me, however, what you find  beautiful in the uncommon.

Hope you will consider sharing you  pictures of as a part of my Be With Beauty Exercise.  You can send the pictures, add them to my Be with Beauty Post Album if you are on Facebook or send them to me in an email.    I won’t use any without permission and will only name you by name if that is what you wish.  Looking mainly for pictures of nature, but there is beauty in other things.

IMAGE BY: Thank you Be With Beauty Photographer Susan Sterngold.  Watch for more from her recent road trip playing banjos, looking for spring and finding beauty.  Watch for some of my pictures of rocks and for Mr. Birdman’s sunsets.  And some of Suszanne Jablonski’s from her explorations around the Jersey side of the Hudson River.

Care, share, stay strong.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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