As noted earlier,not having the best of days.  Nothing life threatening–at least to my knowledge, but not one I am in the mood to be profound or cheerful.  Blogger Chris to the rescue.

Grow – For 5 Minute Friday and the Gypsy Mama | bridgesburning.

So I’ll accept the challenge, but free write for Five Minutes About What Matters; People, babies, children, family, friends, loved ones, even enemies; Love, not pie in the sky romantic love, but the hard love of every day life trying and not just of family or friends but of all you meet.  Open eyes to the light in others no matter how dim it seems and even when it burns with hate.  Truth for when we lie we betray and betrayal kills love, promotes hate.  Justice for all so all can live in safety with enough to eat, a safe place to sleep, basic health care,  work that is meaningful, time for joy and love and laughter.    Religion for the hope it gives; freedom of religion so all may worship at the altar of their chosen god, godesses,  or no god.  More rewards for kindness and caring as opposed to As in Algebra, or mega million salaries for atheletes and media stars.  Forgiveness for those who don’t get that we are one and we sink, swim, or sail free together.

My five minutes are up and I feel better, but partly because I am done and ready to take a nap.

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