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TOPIC 52  DOWN   Job got you down?  You are not alone.  Cranky Old Lady says, “That’s why you get paid to do it.”   And yes, I have done or kept a few jobs because I had to, not because I loved the job.  And, I must also confess I was lucky enough to  spend most of my working life in jobs I loved more than hated.

The article below is about deciding if you are working for the right reason and details some who left jobs they hated as well as ideas about what one should think about when spending the money you worked so hard to get.

  How The Happiest People In The World Spend Their Money | Fast Company

Biggest point, make sure you spend money on what matters.  The article suggests big rings and big weddings and big lawns and expensive cars should be less important than time with those you love. If one has to go, it should not be time with the ones you love.

I agree.  So here are five things I’d rather not spend much money on.

Eating out more than eating in.  I love not having to cook. But Cranky Old Stingy Me also hates buying triple for food that I can make at home, particularly if I generally can make it better.  The more expensive the eat-out meal, the higher my expectations and the more likely I will disappointed.  I do indulge but it is most likely to be a donut and coffee or a Macdonald’s Hot Fudge Sunday or French fries from Wendy’s.  All cheap and except for the Sunday, better than I can make at home.

Brand New Fancy Dancy Cars:  I have owned two new cars in my life and every one of my many second-hand cars have served me better.  Moreover, I  just cannot stand the thought of how a new car drops in value the day after you buy it.

The painted finger nail, the Brazilian body wax, the pedicures, and the faux tans.   I have permed my hair, glad I never gave into suggestions I color it.

Confession when Norton sent me on a book tour, the PR lady sent me for a $600 hair cut to Fredric Fekkai.  She had a crush on him; he did not remember her name. Made her mad at me. He was as sexy as Omar Shariff, gave me a nice style, but a lousy cut–my much, much, much less expensive small town guy was better with the cutting.

Anyway, now that I am on a more limited budget, I have learned to cut my own bangs and have let the rest grow long.

Things I can find cheaper at the Thrift Shop.  Living on a more  limited income has really made me attuned to price and value. The Grand’s favorite toys are all thrift shop finds. Today I found a great Land’s End banded collar shirt in mint condition for $2.00, a pyrex casserole dish for the one I just broke for $1.50, and pair of long pants for my skinny, minny grand son for another $ 1.50.  All the items were the ones with the day’s half off tags.  I am getting to be such a cheap skate, I passed up a few things because they were not half-price.  Also

Books.  This I feel a bit guilty about.  Author’s need you to buy books.  Nevertheless, I rarely buy a book at the book store.  We live a block for one of the best libraries in the United States and if they don’t have the book I want they get it.

Weddings,  Bar Mitzva’s,  and coming up  funerals.  Did all as cheap as possible and enjoyed. As with the library also feel a bit guilty.  These are money makers for many.

A bigger house than I can clean myself.  Now I would like one more room in our apartment.  Cranky Old Husband for like a five more rooms.  If we had the money for that, I assume we could pay someone else to clean it, but I still don’t want it.  Probably will never have the money, so it won’t be a marital issue.

STAYING STRONG TIP:   If getting your nails air brushed makes your day, get your nails air-brushed.  If you love the smell of a brand new car, then make the sacrifice.  The important thing is to have thought a bit about what really matters to you and how much you are willing to sacrifice to get it.

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