Thinking About What Matters -A Poem

Love poetry? I do. It connects emotion and thought. Two essentials of Emotional Intelligence and Helps you think about what matters. I love this one.

A poem by Rumi

This poem helps you transform the bad things of life into something better. Note I did not say a good, although that is the hope. Emotional Fitness is about learning to endure the bad, so you can enjoy the good. It is not about making light of bad things.

Poetry builds emotional strength by getting you to think and to think critically about  both the good and the bad of life. Good for you and I and good for our children.

Parenting advice:  Read and recite poems to your young children. When the teen years set in take a bit of time to learn the lyrics of the songs your kids are listening to. The lyrics are poems and a format for discussing with a teen what the lyrics mean to them. teach you children from an early age to wonder at the beauty in our world. As they move into puberty begin helping them understand evil better and to develop a philosophy or faith that keeps them on the path to kindness.


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This post was inspired by stumbling on this translation of Rumi’s poem as I was searching for something else. When I went to check out the Daily Word Press Prompt I found this. Singular Sensation If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

Happy with finding many things to share. Liked when I find poems that I can turn into a Poster  Coach or image for my blogs.  The singular sensation is contentment.


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  1. Rumi had beautiful things to say. It’s hard for us to laugh when sorrows enter our home. Trying to cope with a better attitude is my goal. It is tough though. Thanks for pointing the way, Katherine.

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