In this blog you’ll find Emotional Fitness Training thoughts on leading and following, plus a tip. First, take a look at this cartoon from Gaping Void. Lead or be lead'

Actually, there is a time to lead and time to follow.  So I try to be a dog, not in the sense of a b—–, but one who knows when she has to obey the current leader and when she has to trust her own judgment. That’s not always easy to figure out, so it’s something to think about.

An Emotional FItness Tip

Whenever you are offered an “Either/or” saying like the one above, reframe it to what is called a “Yes/and” saying or thought.  Doing so expands your options.


Remember what matters, be grateful, practice kindness. laugh, play, enjoy the now, it is the most you can count on.

For all you do to support my efforts, thank you.


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