Daily Prompt: Moment of Clarity  We think with our hot emotions meaning our gut, our heart, our intuition, but  doing so reduces clarity.

Not thinking = happiness, but is not very emotionally intelligent.

emotional fitness thoughts and tips

As much as we like to think we think logically, the fact is we rarely do, we think emotionally. Not always bad and in fact, can reduce stress.  However, when  bad, mad, and sad feelings create problems, stepping back from your feelings and thinking more logically works better than going with your heart, your gut, or your intuition. Here are five  questions to ask yourself when you need clarity:

  1. Am I tired, stressed, hungry, sexually tense, sick? Each of these conditions depletes emotional intelligence and leads to foggy thinking.
  2. Is  uncertainty making me doubt myself, making me jealous or envious, creating fear or anger?  Uncertainty is almost as strong a creator of negative feelings as physical needs and drives. Two uncertainties fuel fear, anger, and depression: uncertainty about our core beliefs  and uncertainty about ourselves.
  3. Am I trying to control the uncontrollable? The past, future, and other people are things we try to control, but cannot.  We can learn lessons for past mistakes or make an amends; we can plan thoughtfully for the future; and we can ask others to change, but expecting to control what cannot be controlled is not emotionally intelligent.
  4. Am I pursuing all the wrong things? Fame, fortune, and material possessions have value, but not as much as loving relationships,  caring, and sharing.
  5. Am I violating my code of honor? Efforts to get along, keep life peaceful and others happy sometimes sees us going against what we value most.  Not good.

stay strong

As long as following your heart harms no one, thinking clearly is not worth the effort. That said, when stress, bad, mad, and sad feelings start disturbing the peace, take the time to think more clearly.

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