This Gets My Granny-Nanny-Goat

What gets your goat and sends you down the street of groans.  Here’s one of mine.


This gets my Granny Nanny Goat for two reasons:

First: Kids blindly following a fad without knowing the message it sends demeans the kid.  The a– hanging out fad supposedly started in prisons as a way to say you were available sexually. Not necessarily true.  Moreover,  it is not that I am against sex as long as it involves consenting adults.  But I believe in truth in advertizing and at least some think this is the message.

Second: The sight of young men strolling along in front of me wagging their a– in my face makes me want to grab their pants,  pull them all the way down, and spank their bare behinds.

That gets my Granny Nanny Goat, because the more you are reaching the end of your road, the harder it is to resist some temptations. I manage this one, but if you hear I am in jail, I probably could no long resist pat-a-caking a teen.

Stay strong

If this didn’t give you a tiny chuckle I tried and not you have an opportunity to practice kindness and forgiveness – two Emotional Fitness Exercises.

Laughing is another. Getting someone to laugh with you is a great way to practice that one.  Which is what I tried to do today.  Becoming a comedian is the subject of today’s Free Poster Coach:.

How to become a comedian

As always thank you for all you do. When you like, comment, or share  you make my day.



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