Thinking About A Poet’s Thoughts

Poets speak of feelings, but also a bit out of the box.

The more you think out of the box the stronger your Emotional Intelligence grows.

A poem by Lynda Barty, an irreverent poet.

Poetry awakens feelings and demands thought. Useful for improving your Emotional Intelligence

Every now and then, take a moment to think about your silent thoughts. Are they pulling you toward the good or the bad.  Arguing in your head with people you have not seen in even a year, is rarely useful.  Did they hurt you? Forgive and let go. Did you hurt them? Make an amends, then forgive and let go. 

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  1. “Arguing in your head with people … is rarely useful.” That bit of advice right there could hold the key to a happier 2018! Thank you, Katherine — and may the year ahead bring you every happiness and good health.

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