Thoughts about therapy

Self help not working.  Maybe you need to see a mental health professional.

May is Mental Health Awareness.  Emotional FItness Training is mainly about self help and coaching.   When neither works, more may be needed.  Often that more is therapy with a good mental health professional.   People don’t seek mental health for a number of reasons.  Stigma is one.  Not knowing what to expect another. Finding the right professional another.

This brief article should help combat all three.

Medical News Today News Article – Printer Friendly.

Just as physical medicine is as much art as science; the same is true of psychological medicine.  Moreover, there are good and bad therapists in much the same way there are good and bad surgeons.   So be picky, make sure you feel listened to, that you are treated respectfully, told exactly what the mental health professional thinks is the problem, what his or her credentials are,  and how he or she intends to treat the problem.  If you don’t agree, seek help from another.

A good websites for keeping up with information about good and bad therapy is Scott Miller’s and Barry Duncan’s

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