Cannot laugh at these.  Life probably sucks big time right now. The most important thing? Do not let the bad keep you on the Pity pot too long.

Self pity joke.

PITY POT1 images (2)Yes, you are the only one who can get up and off the Pity Pot.  The strength lies within No other  tips today but do think a bit and if you have not read yesterday’s post. Read it now.


Once pain fades recalling it reinforces it and that  why self-pity is destructive,  it creates the bad feelings over and over again.

Sadly often we don’t know we are caught in its web, because we feel entitled, get pleasure, and can more easily shrug off responsibility. Those three things increase the livelihood of more pain.  Do not think I am denying pain and the fact that at times you are sitting drowning and have been pulled under by pain, then the most you can do means breaking down. That is survival, not sitting on a pity pot.  However when you come up for air, you need to find a healthy distraction, feeling sorry is not one.

DAILY PROMPT: Cut Off – When was the last time you felt really, truly lonely?

We so need others in our lives that one thing driving us to the pity pot is loneliness. What to do? Almost anything healthy that absorbs your interest so much your forget the real world for a while. Any that even helps in the loneliest of times which is when others are around, but self absorbed,

Reading a page turner does it best for me.  Writing or interacting on social media also get me enjoying more and reduces the chance of my hind end getting a red ring from pity pot sitting.



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Thank you and work at staying strong until next time,. I work hard to do the same as life is often difficult but staying strong lets me find some good every day.



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  1. I agree, we very often don’t realize that we are caught in this web until it is too late and hard to find out. I did not write a post about this prompt just yet, although it really triggers a lot of thoughts in me. I wonder how many people actually choose to be lonely… wait for people to come and rescue them rather than going out there and do something. It is easy to say, as I never felt lonely. Alone yes, but never lonely. I always had great friends. But I also believe that you need to look after your friends the way you want to be looked after. So it is about giving rather than taking…

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