In pain?  Feeling sorry for yourself? We all do when hurt. However,  hugging the hurt around you like a feather comforter keeps you stuck in the pain. Not good.

self pity quotes


Emotional fitness tip one:  Rate the hurt on a ten to one scale:  Physically hurt or illness threatening death or a life of difficult to manage pain or disability is a ten.  Bad.You are entitled to some moments of self pity, but be careful those moments do not erode the better moments.

A past pain even severe physical pain or emotional abuse  rate a 5 or below. The longer ago, the lower the rating.    Often self pity means holding on to past pains? Not at all helpful.  Forgive or forget and go on.

Emotional fitness tip two: Replace “poor-me” self-talk with positive slogans. “Now matters most” or “Moving on” or “Alive and well” are some that might work.

Emotional fitness tip three: Practice EFTI’s Daily Easy Exercises.  The most important ones? Gratitude, Remember What Matters and Practicing Kindness.

parenting tip

Starting young, the most helpful thing a parent can do is teaching children to rate pain.  

Say “Big hurt” as you comfort a child crying uncontrollably.

A fall and a scrunched up face getting ready to cry, ask the child to rate the hurt – big, medium or small? Use a hand gesture to measure Big, Medium or Small

Getting the child to rate the hurt instantly weakens the pain.


Once pain fades recalling it reinforces it and that  why self-pity is destruction it creates the bad feelings over and over again.

Sadly often we don’t know we are caught in its web, because we feel entitled, get pleasure, and can more easily shrug off responsibility. Those three things increase the livelihood of more pain.

DAILY PROMPTLocal Flavor: Write a piece about a typically “local” experience from where you come from as though it’s an entry in a travel guide.

Self-pity is always a local journey into the negative part of our brain.  The post is all about that.  If I were writing a travel quide about this it would say “Taking the road called self pity only leads to the town called pain, avoid it.” 



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Thank you and work at staying strong until next time,. I work hard to do the same as life is often difficult but staying strong lets me find some good every day.



  1. I actually like your Meme of GET OFF YOUR PITY POT. Once in a while is Ok to feel sorry, just don’t spend more than 5 minutes, that’s all I’m allowing my self. I think is really bad for your Mindset to spend too much time there or worse yet, live there.

    Working around people that are constantly sorry for them selves is like walking on/or around eggs, you know you are bound to step on one and make one big freaking mess. The basic problem lies on that their EXPECTATION most of the times are way too high and always try to make people guilty because, they are always pointing the proverbial finger at others and forgetting that they have three pointing back at them. They expect perfection when no one person on perfece starting with them.

    Question: Who’s Tom Robbins? If you could elaborate a little about him would appreciate it.

    Thank you for sharing.

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