Time Warp (via Eccentric Owl)

A fellow thrift shop shopper. She should come to Colorado then have something for everyone–high class consignment stores, great Goodwill type thrift stores in including a Good will in almost every town, estate sales, garage sales and great Craig’s list buys. I almost can stand to buy in a regular store. A note to those with a million or more–go retail, stores need your business. Share, care, and stay strong.

Time Warp Today is one of those days where I've so far liked all the pictures of me NOT looking at the camera much better than the ones where you can see my face. I think it's fine in person, but I don't like my face in pictures today. Thank goodness I only have to (or can choose to) show you the pictures I like. This is why blogging is my friend. My brother's friend saw me in this skirt yesterday and said I looked like I'd come from a time-warp. He said i … Read More

via Eccentric Owl

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