What we see all the time blinds us to much that is good.  This EFT Easy Exercise teaches awareness, particularly of all that is beautiful in our world.

Be with beauty emotionalfitness exercise.

Nothing more to add except “Just Do It.”


Parenting tip one:  You teach this to your children easily by just doing it. so  do it.

Parenting tip two:  Make being with nature part of being with beauty, ask you kids to spot the beautiful.

Parenting tip three: Create beauty spots here and there throughout your home and pause with your child to enjoy.


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All the handouts and poster coaches for this course are being posted at the store so you can download them for free. A poster coach is like a face-to-face coach; all serve as practice reminders, some teach you the exercises needed to stay strong.

To use one, after down loading it from the store, print it up preferably in cardstock and color, then post it where you will see it as you go about your day.

Apologies if you cannot find one.  I am a Jill of all in this business, so some things take longer than others.  If something used here isn’t posted yet, you will find lots of other offerings including inspirational quotes or more EFTI exercises. In time all will be posted.

DAILY PROMPT   Getting Seasonal – The holiday season: can’t get enough of it, or can’t wait for it all to be over already? Has your attitude toward the end-of-year holidays changed over the years?

How this fits in with today’s EFTI Post: Changed drastically when I converted to Judaism. but as this series of Twelve Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises shows, I try to honor all even the secular part. 

Part of what lead me to renounce Christian religions was the theology of getting to heaven on the basis of belief and not behavior, particularly death-bed conversions that let some behave has bad as they wished and still die thinking heaven was theirs.  I believe that is divisive, limits the Creator’s mercy, and gives far too many the right to spurn, harm or kill others.

Part of my inspiration for developing EFTI was to offer a middle path between ssecularism and beliefs in a higher power.   Doing so has enriched me and I think helped some others.  EFTI will probably be buried with me and I wish I had done better selling it.  A bit more money would have made it a viable business that could live on.

That said I am still trying to find a some legacy keepers or investors who will work to keep it going for at least a few more years.  Interested?

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