Sneaky hypnotism is exemplified in yesterday’s free Poster Coach. Warning, this post will anger or challenge you where you are most sure you know the truth.

Day dreaming as a hypnotic test.

Did you spot how this post used Sneaky Hypnosis. Good for you

As G. Steinem  said, “The truth will piss you off. Then it will set you free.” My hopes. sneaky Hypnotism is ruling our world, getting us to buy things not needed and at its most extreme getting some people to kill those they do not agree with. Read on unless you wish to be controlled by Sneaky Hypnotists.

This post is going to expose how some seeking to uplift you use hypnotic tools.  Do not give up the good because of one or two sneaky hypnotic devices are used to enhance your faith or belief  reaching your healthy goals.

Instead, take the advice of the 12 Steppers when they say, in one way or  another, “Take the best and leave the rest.”‘

Who already entrances you? The advertisers are easiest to spot. Why? They threaten us less.  Seeing the sneaky hypnotic tricks in those who you admire or find are actually moving you forward in life is quite a bit harder.

So at the risk of angering some of you, I am going to ask you to think about either your religion,  gurus like Dr. Oz and Oprah, or forums and get ahead groups like Landmark.  The following tips describe the  hypnotic tools used by these:

Tip one: Creating fear, uncertainty and doubt particularly about your worthiness. Called FUD, these three sneaky hypnotic tools  are found in almost all ad campaigns.   Often used to create doubt about a competitor, the FUD is also used to get you to buy make-up, dye your hair, join a fitness club, buy a new car by creating doubt about you.  And yes, religion is big at playing on our fears of dying and going to hell.

Tip two:  Using success stories about people like you who have found happiness or salvation.  We are emotionally drawn to people we feel share our most important traits in other words those we identify with or want to be like.  Jerome Kagan, Harvard human behavior researcher, list identification as one of the eight most important factors shaping our live.

To get political for a minute, if  you a person of color or a policemen.  If one you are more prone to believe the police are all racists. If the other you are inclined to believe most young black men wearing a hoody is a criminal.  Of if you are a Jew, you hold a different view of the Middle East situation and the plight of the Palestinians than does an Arab

Religions do this by creating the idea of saved versus damned and then hearing from those who feel they have found the path to salvation.

Tip eight: Encouraging confusion which creates a bit of fear but also builds hope you will do better in the future.   Here’s what the Journal of Consumer Research notes about  how about how sales people are taught to confuse you: “…the sales person initially tries to confuse the potential customer, then restates the sales pitch in a more familiar way. By reframing the sales pitch in a more familiar way the consumers natural defenses are weakened and the consumer becomes more susceptible to the sales pitch. So, can you be confused into buying something? Yes. And it’s not even very difficult to do.”crowd contagion – meaning others laughing, cheering, or crying so you feel the need to join soften your resistance to trance.  

Tip nine: Creating crowd contagion.   Think of how seeing someone laughs makes you want to laugh. Think of the fans cheering at a sports event.  Think of the pictures of crowds protesting news reports.  Think of Dr. Oz’s large audiences applauding. Think of why you seek support and socialize with those who agree with you.  People need people and we are most comfortable with people we think are like us or share the same dreams and hops.

Oprah openly supports hypnosis and if you watch her show you can see how she also uses her understanding of its power to  sell herself. Her “If I can do it, anyone can” is a hypnotic suggestion.

Often a hundred protesters are used by Sneaky Hypnotists  to represent everyone.  Being part of the in group is a powerful incentive and well used by sneaky hypnotists.  Hitler was master of crowd contagion, but he also used fear, uncertainty, and doubt, and who you identified with to hypnotize an entire country.

Crowd contagion is often coupled with music and repetition of inspiring songs or phrases. Group prayer of singing of hymns strengthens religious messages.

Tip ten: Using  following words to get someone to enter a trance state: Shut your eyes, dream, imagine, see yourself, visualize.

WHAT TO DO?  First,  protect yourself from Sneaky Hypnotism by remembering the above facts.

Then you want to protect yourself from messages that tap into the darker side of you hopes and dreams.  To do that in any situation  that might be trance inducing, stay alert to messages that lead you down the wrong path.

Enter any trance inducing situation repeat a protective mantra such as: “I stay with my good desires.”   ” I hold to my honor system.”  I stay strong.”


Go to this post. that is where you will find tips to protect your child from Sneaky Hypnosis. Particularly important for teens.


I  practice deliberate kindness  by sharing free downloads of  most of EFTI’s  poster coaches  at the EFTI Store. A poster coach is like a face-to-face coach by  serving as a practice reminder.  Some are quotes about what matters, some teach you the exercises needed to stay strong.

You  practice Internet kindness every time you like, comment or share someones’ post. I feel good when I support my internet friends. Even small kindesses strengthen you.

Thank you for all you do.  Work at staying strong until next time,. I work hard to do the same as life is often difficult but staying strong lets me find the good.



WordPress daily prompt response – In Good Faith: Describe a memory or encounter in which you you considered your faith, religion, or spirituality  – of lack – there of for the first time.

Mostly done as a teen and what my posts about Sneaky Hypnotism ask you to do. You will be strengthened when you think more critically about all that matters.


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