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Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves and  others to “Suck it up, Buttercup.”  Wanting it all, is normal; but the gurus who promise it all are lying big time.  Particularly those who promote “Don’t worry, be happy” as possible all the time for all the people. Thinking you can be happy all or most of the time is delusional.  Knowing how to suck it up when necessary keeps us moving in the right direction.

Tip one: Separate needs and wants.  Reading this, then I suspect all your needs are being met. If all your needs are being met, you have much to be thankful for. Practice gratitude.

Tip two:  Complain less. Instead, act more to correct wrongs in you, others and the world.  When trying to correct another: Be clear about what offends you, be clear the other is capable of change, say what needs changing, don’t say it mean.

Tip three: Practice kindness.  Share and care more, minimally you can feel good about you.  More often, however being kind reaps kindness.

Tip four: Practice forgiveness of self and others. No one is perfect and the more perfect you think you are, the more you are endanger of being a righteous fool.

Tip five: Remember what matters.

What matters 2


Life is full of good and hurtful feelings.  Emotional fitness is about handling the hurt ones constructively so you can enjoy the good ones.

Thinking about what matters is one of my Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Exercises; practicing kindness is another;  being grateful a third.  Click here to go to the webpage that describes all twelve.

You  might  enjoy my Emotional Fitness Pinterest Boards. They are designed to keep you strong. Some are laughs, lots are posts of other people’s advice I find useful, both my blogs posts can be found there.

Meanwhile thank you for your support and as I tell myself over and over –  share, care, stay strong and suck it up.


DISCLAIMER: FORGIVE MY GRAMMATICAL ERRORS FOR I HAVE DYSGRAPHIA.  If you need perfect posts, you will not find them here. Dysgraphia is a not well-known learning disability and means that sometimes my sentence structure is not that easy to follow or I make other errors. Still, most people understand me. All of my books are professionally edited, but not all of my blog posts are.  If this troubles you, feel free to read elsewhere.  If you persevere, you are practicing kindness by lifting my spirits for that means you find what I say helpful and that is one of my missions. Kindness always repays those who spread it.

All my books can be found on the my Amazon’s Author page  For now they are for parents, but come the new year and I will jump into the adult fitness market.

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