An Emotional Fitness Training® Poster Coach and some quotes to think about.

Emotional Fitness Poster Quote about taking risks

The last quote was my mother’s mantra for encouraging a shy me to take some chances. Coupled with the message, “Mistakes are for learning” allowed me to put shyness in its place.  You do remember I stood up on Oprah and had my say? 

However, you need to think a bit about safety before taking risks. If you are a parent worried about a teen taking too many risks,  my eBook When Good Kids Take Risks is free through June 11, 2013. Also watch for my newest eBook about setting Missions and Goals coming out before the end of the month. It is in its last edit.

Stay Strong by Sharing and Caring

For all you do to practice kindness, keep at it; you are making the world a better place.  Sharing your risk taking story and tips in the comments would be much appreciated.


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