Too much pressure? Here’s a fix

When pressure mounts, learn to procrastinate to like the pro’s do:

Seven Reasons to Procrastinate.

Emotional fitness thoughts and tips

The best suggestions for staying emotionally strong are the last two.  Sorting the essentials from the trivial means staying focused on what matters.

What matters? In the long run the researchers and sages of the ages agree: caring connections. And these are obtained by following the cross cultural rules preaching say “Treat all others as you want to be treated.”

Notice the rule does not say “Only treat family, friends, or tribal members as you want to be treated.” The rule says “Treat all others as you want to be treated.”

The world would move toward peace for all, if all followed that rule. Work smarter, not harder means making the Golden Rule your life mission.

Warning: As most want to live, the rule allows you to defend yourself.  Jewish law which is known for it 613 rules one must follow, throws all but three of those laws out if your life depends on violating them.

Working smarter not harder relates to knowing what matters,  what Emotional Fitness thinks of as your Life Mission butt also to setting achievable goals.    SMART Goal setting increases the odds you will get set achievable goals and what you want out of your life.

smart goals

SMART Goals are used by the top management gurus, but work for everyone.


Laughing and playing, be with beauty, indulging in a healthy pleasure, and forgiving yourself are healthy ways to procrastinate.  The One Minute Meditation  another one and is like taking  a mini vacation.

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This post inspired by a Word Press Daily Prompt: Time After Time:  which asked how you do under pressure.  My answer: I need pressure to keep me from procrastinating like an amateur.



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