Top Ten Tuesday – Kid’s Nicknames (via To tell you the truth)

Okay still surfing Postaday. Love this one. One of the things I use as an icebreaker in workshops and classes was to ask the story of people’s name including the nickname they hated the most. Mine was Scrawnie Vaughanie–by an uncle. My father called me his Curly-Headed Cow Girl–even when I was bald and eventually had straight hai. Maybe that is why I now love living in Colorado.

Won’t reveal the nick names I gave my kid’s they might erad this.

Share, care and stay strong.

I am sure this is so interesting to everyone.  But I really wanted to log all the names I call my kids.  It’s weird because my family didn’t have nicknames for us really, so I am not sure why I have adopted this habit with my own.  But nevertheless, my kids love it – and they recite them for me when I forget.  So here they are the Top Ten Nicknames I have for my children, who by the way are a boy and a girl 15 months apart… My Sister and My Mis … Read More

via To tell you the truth

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