WHY THIS ABOUT EMOTIONAL FITNESS  In order to stay alive and stay emotionally healthy, you need at least a minimal grasp of reality.  Wake up in the middle of the night confused and frightened, hearing banging noises? A dream, a burglar, or the wind? Your confusion and fear need thinking about so you know what to do.

One of my favorite bloggers —  Chris at Bridges Burning tackled this topic today focusing mainly on “Experts”  Here is her detailing of “expert” truths that stopped being truths.

In 1972 my first son was born and there was no question about circumcision and you had to give a pretty good argument why you would not want it.  In 1975 my second son was born and then ‘the experts’ changed their mind and you had to argue exactly why you wanted it done.  This past week in the news ‘experts’ now say all male babies should be circumcised.  A number of expectant mothers were interviewed and said, “Well if the experts recommend it then that is what I will do.
In the sixties a protein rich diet was common.  Then western society began to get more obese (no one thought to say stay away from MacDonalds or Red Barn or any other fast food joint), instead the experts cried, “CARBS!”  Then society grew more obese on pasta. Competition became more fierce in the dining industry as more people went out for food, and the portions became unreasonably large (would you like to King Size that?) to make the consumer feel like they were getting the best bang for their buck.
It is unfortunate that we have come to idolize letters, (BAMBAPHD) and will believe whatever they choose to feed us.
It makes me wonder a couple of things:  1. we know longer trust our judgement in what we are being told.  We just believe the experts.  2. what if everything we have been told is malarky?  There are too many people willing to believe someone else.  I think we are losing our ability to think for ourselves.
I have long suspected that having to have a certain number of calories a day or a specific amount of vitiamins and nutrition might also be garbage.  Governments, dieticians, people selling all say so.  You know the ‘experts’.  Well guess what?  The other day on the news it was reported that scientists have now found that what we eat is less important than how much we eat and that in fact the human body can do with way less than recommended AND that if you want to live a long life you must eat much less.
Actually that sounds more reasonable to me, but friends who have bought into the whole nutrition thing are shocked that I would even utter such a thought.
The worst thing I think is that all the 60′s folk who questioned ‘ who am I’ and don’t believe ‘the man’ are now the biggest supporters of believing whatever others want to feed us.

My thoughts about Chris’ blog: I embraced being an expert throughout my thirties.  Why else would I have gotten that advanced degree.  Then I met Grumpy Old Man, know then as Questing and Questioning Young Man. He started me  questioning more.

The earthquake size rift of my love affair with experts, however, came when I became a foster parent and discovered the advice offered me by experts was out of touch with life as a parent. For a while, I stopped thinking of myself as an expert, just a know-nothing foster parent.

Gradually, I built a bridge over the chasm, as experts manage to offer  good advice some of the time. Experts created antibiotics and they do keep people alive just as anti-psychotic medicines eventually emptied out most of the long-term psychiatric hospitals.


The main tip for this posting, comes from Chris’ blog: “Personally, I think I am going to question everything.”

When Emotional Fitness Training and I suggest “Think about what matters,” the idea is to question everything.  Three things to think about:

First:who is being paid by whom? Meaning who is going to profit?

Second:what do the power people want you to do? Fight a war, vote for them, hate others?

Third: what beliefs do your cherished truths promote?  Are they blocking a better truth?


Be kind to me,  like this post or share it.  You will be helping me stay strong and maybe some others as well.  With this particular post, you may keep some people live.

You will also be practicing one of the 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises.  Click here to view all Daily Emotional Fitness  Exercises.If  regular practice of the 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises does not improve the quality of your life, more might be needed.  That is the time to think about therapy.

Good luck, life is a struggle,  caring relationships matter must but are difficult as well as wonderful. Despite all life a feast.



Sometimes my posts are a bit peppered with mis-spellings, oddly used words, weird punctuation.  These stem from a lesser known learning disability called dysgraphia, but also from rushing.  My apologies. Don’t read or check back in a day or so, as I usually catch most of the errors when I re-read.  Also practice forgiveness is a useful Emotional Fitness Exercise, so forgive me, I do the best I can, we all do.  Sometimes the best is not good enough, that is when forgiveness matters and forgiveness is yet another Emotional Fitness Training Exercise.


  1. Hiya Kat..that was a bit deep! I think for myself ..I take no notice of adverts or good/bad advice.
    ….in fact I am known for ignoring what I have been told and going my own sweet way…and I am still alive..maybe a bit well covered in places but I might need that covering one day when there is a famine
    good post and again worth reading

  2. One of my pet peeves has always been the medical “experts” who claim to know more about you or your child, even if they’ve known you for ten minutes and you’ve “known” you or your loved one a lifetime. We all need to question. If something doesn’t seem “right” to you, chances are it’s not! Thanks for a great post.

    • So agree, particularly MD’s who think it is all in your head or Shrinks who think it is all in the way a chiid is parented. Would love you do to a guest post on that subject. I am sure you have many blog posts that could by turned into one. I am also hoping you will let me send you some review chapters of my book Parents Are People, Too. A review from you would mean a great deal.


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