You know you are too stressed when you are getting on your own nerves.  What to do? Repeat one of these staying strong slogans. .


How to practice an Emotional Fitness Exercise including 12 Parenting Tips to boost yours and your child’s emotional intelligence.


All the handouts and poster coaches for this course are being posted at the store so you can download them for free. A poster coach is like a face-to-face coach; all serve as practice reminders, some teach you the exercises needed to stay strong.

To use one, after down loading it from the store, print it up preferably in cardstock and color, then post it where you will see it as you go about your day.

Apologies if you cannot find one.  I am a Jill of all in this business, so some things take longer than others.  If something used here isn’t posted yet, you will find lots of other offerings including inspirational quotes or more EFTI exercises. In time all will be posted.

 TODAY’ CRITICAL THINKING PROMPT   Emotional Fitness is about thinking critically.  Our feelings are heartfelt and twist our thoughts to meet our desires needs and wishes.  Thinking keeps us from acting too quickly and doing things we regret or that help others.  Daily prompts of any sort, push you to think more clearly, so you act with wisdom as well as passion

Here’s today’s from WordPress – Happy Happy Joy Joy We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear . . . and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy?

Emotional Fitness thoughts:  Emotional fitness is not about being always happy or holding back tears or anger.  Nor is it about “letting it all hang out” so you immediately express the feeling of the moment.

Emotional Fitness  is about feeling what you feel and then thinking about what  to do before acting on what the feeling wants.  What are your  options? Enjoying, ignoring,  expressing wisely, or seeking to right a wrong.

PRACTICING  KINDNESS is one of the Twelve Easy Exercises.  You can do that right now by liking, commenting, or sharing this post.

Stay strong, I work at it every day and still have moments of weakness and regret, but manage most of the time to enjoy what can be enjoyed, act wisely, forgive myself and others, and practice kindness often.





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