I doubt that it has escaped anyone’s notice, things are changing a bit at Emotional Fitness Training.  This blog remains active but is under construction. Or should that be re-construction. 


However, my tinkering is getting a bit out of hand.  I just did a post on Parents Are People Too describing ADD of which I have two symptoms as “Always organizing, never organized.”  In my case it is always tinkering, rarely satisfied.  That is why I need someone pulling the change plug for me.  I also find setting a cut off date useful.  So friends and followers, the plug will be pulled on November 1st.  Right after the spooks vanish and before the United States .  

Some wiser people don’t share all that is going on.  But I like to share.  You are not stuck with the watching me play around a bit, if that isn’t your thing. the delete button is easily reached

The bonus for me has been collecting  ideas from some of you.  Thank you and if you have more to share, comment or send me an email, [email protected]  

Meanwhile thank you for your patience and your kindness. Stay strong, I am working at it. 


Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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