Living is learning and learning is changing. Learning starts with birth, but it is up to us to keep on learning as we grow. To stop is to die an early brain death.


Emotional Fitness Tips

Tip one: Make it fun to learn. Too many equate learning with dull days sitting in a classroom and having seemingly useless facts drilled into their heads.  Not helpful. Love cooking? Try a new recipe. Enjoy gardening? Try some new plants. Love your political party and arguing their viewpoints? Spread your mind and learn where you and the other party agree.

Love cooking? Try a new recipe. Enjoy gardening? Try some new plants. Love your political party and arguing their viewpoints? Spread your mind and learn where you and the other party agree.

Tip two: Challenge yourself. Step outside of you comfort zone.  Shy? Set a goal to get comfortable meeting and greeting others. Technologically challenged?  Take a basic introduction to computer course. Most community colleges offer such courses. Better yet get  a Smartphone and learn how to use it.

Why a  Smartphone? I have been an early adopter of word processing and technology because of my struggle with dysgraphia. So I am an internet junky. For years, I have urged friends to get with the internet, but with little success. One frient finally got a Smartphones and now posts more on Facebook than I do.

Tip three: Go to the next level: Love reading novels? Try a well-written biography instead. Like watching sports? Take one up, become a kid’s coach, join a league, try a differnt sport.  Enjoy laughing at jokes? Become a stand-up comedian.

I practice kindness and my stand-up comedy routine at the checkout line by trying to make the cashiers laugh.  If the cashier asks you if you found everything you wanted – obligatory on their part – say, “No. I hear  there is a million dollars waiting somewhere for me, but I didn’t find it here.”  Almost always gets a chuckle.

parenting tipS

Tip one: Children are learning machines, until the failure to learn something interferes.  Fear of failing is a major turn off for all ages, but particularly for children.  Combat that fear, by making it

Combat that fear; make  it clear failure is a stepping stone to learning something new. Celebrate trying and struggling as much as you do succeeding.

Tip two: When a child has major school troubles investigate the possibility of a learning disability.

Tip three: Make it clear talents vary, some people are good at one thing, others at something else.

Tip four: Debunk the “Just Do It” myth.  It takes talent, drive, sacrifice and top-notch coaching to make an Olympic Star.

Tip five:   Make it known that luck is part of success. The luck of having a talent, or a drive, or being the right person at the right place and the right time. Jerome Kagan lists “Chance” as a strong contender in the race to become the best we can be.

Tip six: Remember what matters and teach your children the same. Promote  kindness and making the world kinder. These two above all else.

For more parenting tips go to these links. Emotional Fitness Tips for Parents  (parentsarepeopletoo.com) or An Emotional Fitness Program for Parents(amazon.com).


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This post was inspired by this WordPress Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon – Rreincarnation: do you believe in it?

Reincarnation makes sense to me when I try to understand other people’s lives. Some seemed cursed; others blessed.  Some live saintly lives, while others need re-educating.

However, I do not know and can only hope death offers all the change to grow and learn.

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