I doubt that it has escaped anyone’s notice, things are changing a bit at Emotional Fitness Training.  This blog remains active but is under construction. Or should that be re-construction.  Periodically, I will update, how things are going but for now back to the clean heading.


Listening to the gambling advice. “Know when to hold them, when to fold, them and when to let them go”  strengthens your emotional fitness.  I practice what I preach.  Those reading this know I am trying to add a feeling bar to my blog header, and the time has come not to hold or fold, but to ask for help – another way to stay strong.

My guru of such things is on vacation – why I have had the temerity to mess with her product.  But she is enough in my head that I can see her growing balder as she tears her hair over my  most recent effort:

I definitely want the feeling bar. It embodies what emotional fitness is about–keeping negative feelings from hi-jacking your brain so you can enjoy all you have been given.   But it needs professionalization and I am just an amateur

Ah, to win the lottery,  pay my guru Fiona Gatt of Metaplume all she deserves, have her hire all the help she needs while I journey  around the world to meet, greet, and mingle with my blogger friends.

My traveling mode of choice? A  luxury liner, so my friends could join the cruise and we could be indulged in every way we wished. 

Big dream,  but I am also grateful for all I have been given as well including a talent for persisting but also for knowing when someone else’s input is needed. The bar will be back, and better than ever.

Meanwhile thank you for your patience and your kindness.  You help me dream on.




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