Valentine Reality: Love is Blind. Think a Bit When Giving Away your Heart.

How many times has a forever love broken yours heart? Something to think about as Valentine Day approaches. True love survives but only with nurturing.

#Quotes about how to keep love alive.

The inspiration for this post belongs to Dr. Mardy and his story of finding lasting love. After several heart breaks, a  failed marriage and subsequent divorce, he found a love thathas  lasted for nearly  25 years. But he also found that keeping love alive required lots of work.

Emotional Fitness Tips of the day: Remember what matters, be grateful for what you have been given, practice kindness, live now, and forgive all.

These are the most important Emotional Fitness Training Exercises and are more fully discussed in my newest eBook Cross Train Your Brain, Twelve Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises. This is free at the moment.


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