With my publicist saying I needed a more professional I scheduled a make up session at Sephora.  I don’t usually wear make up, but wanted a little help for the picture.  You have to agree to buy stuff, but I will probably being doing some home videos for my Parent’s Friend blog, so rationalized I could use the make up.  The make over artist was Melissa Smith aka Lise.  She did a super job, listened to what I wanted, kept in my budget.  Turns out her parents have been foster parents, so we had much to talk about.  Some of her foster siblings were drug or alcohol impacted, so she knows the pain of caring for a child when love isn’t enough.

After the make-up–I still looked like me, it was on to the Portrait takers at Penny’s Department Store.  Part of the the same mall.  Lots of kids pictures, but the manager Lisa Hipley took the following.  Which do you like best? I think I know the winner, my facebook friends have weighed in, but thought you would all like to see what me trying to be professional looks like.

Number one

Number two

Number three

Hope I am not boring all my readers.  Getting a book revived and published is like giving birth.  You become obsessed.  Still you can delete and un-follow, I will understand and not be at all hurt, but a little sad.

I do hope to get back to reading your blogs more carefully.  I do need a forty-eight hour day.

For all your support and encouragement thank you.



    • Thank you and Darlene. Facebook people liked the one without glasses. I tended to like the ones with glasses, also, I am not so sweet all the time. But the book’s publicist liked the third one also. Fun for me although I hate make up and being professional. What can one do but go with the flow.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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