Emotional fitness tip: Leading the good life is about setting your priorities.

Gsping Voif

emotional fitness tips

Tip one: If you don’t have time every day and extended time over the weekends for me-time, family and friend time, laugh and play time, your life is out of balance. Time to think about what matters.

Tip two: Unplug completely. Spend time each day unplugged from anything connecting you outward.  Better yet, spend a day a week without answering the phone,  turning on the tv, radio,  or computer.

Tip three: My emotional fitness exercises let you take smaller breaks. My eBook, Twelve Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises to Tame Mad, Bad, and Sad Feelings, is free on Amazon this Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May. It can be read on a Kindle, or any tablet or computer, using Amazon’s free reading apps.

For all you do to support my efforts, thank you and stay strong.



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