Summer time at the beach and brotherly love is easier.


Still exploiting my kids.  This one of the two together still at Fire Island Beach  One looks about four or five which would make big brother eight.


Repeating my self.  Get to a beach if that is your thing.  Just looking for some beach pictures has brought  a bit of beach to  my heart. If the beach is not where summer fills your heart, then do your own living easy thing.  Build good memories.


Being kind circles back to the giver.  So I am going to shameless once again ask for help getting reviews for my book.  As noted yesterday and will probably be noted tomorrow and the next day, my book When Good Kids Do Bad Things has been revived electronically. It is available until Friday as as a free Kindle Download.

Help me get readers and reviews. You can download here  free until Friday. When Good Kids Do Bad Things: A Survival Guide for Parents eBook.  You can download it free until Friday.If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download an app from their store for know change and read their Kindle books on your computer.

If you download my book  please post a review.   You might have to have an Amazon account, but I am told not if you down load it.

Or you  can post a comment on my Pinterest pin about the book.. Here is that link.  Emotional Fitness Training, Inc.   By the way, Pinterest is great, easy to use, fun and I think every blogger should try pinning.  I am addicted.

Now I will practice forgiveness for all of you who are too busy to help.  I know the drill.  I only ask that you forgive me for promoting the book tor these three days.  I’m an old lady, time flies and I am strengthened when I share knowledge.  I put it out there hoping.

Thank you and as I tell myself a hundred times stay strong.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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