The Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge called for pictures of summer.  To me summer means the beach.  So I am going to post some beach pictures.

This one is of my youngest son when he was two or three.  He is giving the thumbs up because we were at the beach–Fire Island Beach to be exact and like his Mom and Dad, he loves the beach.

It has been a busy, dizzy week and I probably won’t have lots of time to write, so the Photo Challenge gives me an out. Expect more beach pictures.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  What can I say/  Get to a beach if that is your thing.  Just looking for some beach pictures has brought  a bit of beach to  my heart.
If the beach is not where summer fills your heart, then do your own living easy thing.  Build good memories.

PRACTICE KINDNESS: Being kind circles back to the giver.  Share this post if you think it will give someone a laugh.

Thank you and as I tell myself a hundred times stay strong.


  1. I spent most of Saturday at the beach and I feel so good. I am now ready to tackle the week ahead. I was raised on the prairies so being near a beach now is like heaven. It is the one time I can completely relax!

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