Breathe in focus, Hold, Think. Breathe out. Smile and say “Ahhhhh” or thank you.

Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th US President 

In a dark moment I ask, “How can anyone bring a child into this world?” And the answer rings clear, “Because there is no other world, and because the child has no other way into it.”
                                                                                                                                                        Robert Brault, American Writer              


The poor are often criticized for having so many children, but Kennedy touched on at least one reason why.  Hope.  Two thoughts, statistic show unless religion dictates otherwise, the more wealth the fewer children modern-day couples are likely to have.  Living the good life probably means hope is less needed.

Whatever, I agree with JFK, our children are our hope and when we are very lucky, our children are our joy.  And I agree with Brault, the world is scary, always had been and to bring a child into it is an act of courage, but this world needs courage, hope, and parents willing bring forth and love a child.

I have been lucky.  I am lucky to be around to raise my grandchildren.  I hope, I will stay lucky long enough for them to have some memories of my love. I hope my children are as lucky as I have been in their children. I hope my grandchildren live in a world that has found the path to freedom for all and they too are as lucky in their children and grandchildren as I have been.

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