What is worse than death?

The existentialists have built a philosophy promoting awareness of death as allowing true appreciation of life.  Other things are worse.
Hell moving to earth
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This post was inspired by a WordPress Daily Prompt Worst Case Scenario  “Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today?”

My first job as a social worker was at the Mary Fletcher Hospital in Burlington, Vermont.  For much of that time I was the only social worker and assigned to all services. My work for the those severely injured forced me to think about living while dead as well as living until death claimed you.

The death of a child is considered by  most to be worse than death itself.  As I was to learn, a very complicated issue.  Melissa was a  five-year old  who had been hit by a car and seemed the epitome of a life worse than death. For weeks she lay curled in a fetal position mewing with pain.  I wanted her life support systems removed. In time they were; she breathed on her own; six months later she skipped out of the hospital, alive and ready to take on life.

Complicated isn’t it?

Staying strong

I oppose prolonging death and so have made my living will.  I want to live, but not when my body is dead.  For me that moment has arrived when I can no longer talk, care of myself, and the doctors have no hope I will recover.

What have you done about this issue?  Are you making a choice or leaving it up to the powers that be; a less conscious choice.  If you have grown children, however, I  suggest talking with them a bit about your thoughts on how you want to die. Doing so will  ease survivor guilt and when a loved one dies, there is always survivor guilt

More  important to do  if you have children, particularly little ones, write both a a will and  a  good by letter.

Also useful but not as urgent as the above: take care of your funeral and burial arrangements.

Thank you for all you do to Practice Kindness. Liking, commenting, or sharing any social media you find helpful is one way to be deliberately kind. It may seem like a little, however, doing a little matters a lot to the world and those in it.






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