I can’t watch the news from Moore, Oklahoma and can barely stand to read about it.  I  put up this picture as opposed to “real” ones to blunt the pain; looking at this one is bad enough.

Picture from Wizard of Oz - Dorothy and Toto watching the Tornado coming toward them.

For some of the survivors in Moore, Oklahoma, today is what I call “Standing In Dead In The Water Time.” Humans are stronger than many realize, and most are doing what has to be done, albeit slowly and painfully, but  

Lucky are the ones who are able to be helpers.  Being active in the face of trauma is protective; being active as a helper even more so.   You can mute your pain by donating;  the Red Cross and the Salvation Army are the highly reputable places to donate.

First, however, if you know folks there think of sending cash their way with the edict that if they don’t need it to pass it on to someone who does.  We need the big charities, but when disaster  strikes in a way that all you have left on your back are the clothes on your back, cash in hand bestows a bit of hope and power, both carry a person forward.

Here are links to helping resources:


And as usual for all you do, thank you.


IMAGE FROM: snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com



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