When A Goal Is Not Met, the Wrong Goal Was Set.

Time to check out progress on the year’s goals. Goals, particularly SMART goals work  better than New Year’s Resolutions. But even SMART Goals fail sometime.

Quotes about failing to learn

This year I failed to meet my goals for Emotional Fitness Training, Inc. So I am going to use that fact to walk through some of the lessons I learned from setting the wrong goal.

My goal was to publish at least four paperback books via Create Space, and 12 eBooks. And then I wanted to develop some legacy keepers to keep EFTI alive when I can not longer keep it going. As one way to develop some legacy keepers I hoped to licence 6 people as Master Emotional Fitness Trainers. The idea was that they would form a kind of Board of Directors to keep EFTI moving forward.  A few have shown interest and remain on board,  but are also busy trying to live their lives, earn a living, and EFTI is not one of their biggest priorities. Moreover, I have not completed the training manuals that are needed to licence people interested in using EFTI to augment their practices.

Do you see Lesson number one? Far too ambitious for someone a year plus three months from turning eighty, even someone as energetic as I am.  A possible solution? A very limited goal  for next year. That new goal publish four paper backs on Create Space but also as PDF documents to sell independently. the finding of legacy keeps will stay mostly in the back ground.

That brings me to another lesson.

Lesson two:  I needed more resources. Namely I need more  money to pay for outside help with editing, proof-reading, and formatting. This remains a problem as our income comes mainly from Social Security and what extra we had is almost gone.

I have tried  a number of options:

  1. Out sourcing to virtual assistants who charge much less.  Finding the right one has not happened yet or at least one book would have turned into a paper back.
  2. Learning to format books for Create Space and PDF  on my own. I have learned a great deal but not enough to get something published.
  3. Earning money with my Poster Coaches. People do like them, but they have been offered free with a request for a tip. I have had people down load as many as 25 of them without a thank you or a tip. Disappointing. I have made a total of 44.00 since starting the Poster Coaches two years ago.

I make an average of 25 dollars a month from the sale of the books already out there, so this seems the best place to put my efforts. I will  not  get rich but maybe EFTI can be made self-sufficient. Minimally, the more books I have out there, the more EFTI will live on a bit when I am in another world.

Lesson three: Aging is making every thing harder. I get distracted more easily, and have less energy. Sigh. Moreover, in terms of my writing and EFTI   my dysgraphia (problems with spelling and punctuation) is getting worse.

Not much one can do about aging; but there are things that slow it down. For me, I can keep eating healthy: keep exercising particularly my brain, and that is one way EFTI helps: I can work on my own Emotional Fitness;   I can partner with my doctors; medical advances are keeping  me alive  and have done so since I had Rheumatic fever as a child; I can work harder on not letting distractions rule me

Finally, I can try to slow down as I type and write and that does make for fewer mistakes.

Lesson four: Keep the balance in my priorities. EFIT is like a child, but not a real child; nor are my dreams for it my family’s dream. My business motto is “Make Money Doing Good.”   Obviously, making money will always come third to my family and doing good, but it is balance not elimination of the effort the make money that needs to be part of my year’s goals.

There are some other things I still have to think through before setting EFTI’s 2016 SMART Goals. The lessons have helped bring them into better focus.

Some of what needs thinking about is whether to keep three blogs going or better yet how to integrate them.   I have my main passion – you are on it now – Emotional Fitness Training;  then my first area of expertise  Parents Are People Too,  and finally, the EFTI Store.

I would really like to have just one blog, but do not think that is going to happen. What can happen is a tighter linkage between all three. The tabs at the top of this blog you take to the other blogs.

The bigger problem is that now I have three separate lists of subscribers, so think getting them somehow all on one blog would work better. I do not know how to do it and again need to find some money to buy some help.

So, I need to think a bit out of the box in terms of getting some financial help.  My goal as been to make EFTI financially viable so I could either sell it or find a partner. Now I am thinking about seeking funding from GoFundme or another Crowdfunding source. Right now, I am going to plug away on my own, but set a time limit and probably come Spring try one or another  crowd sourcing. I am curious if anyone who reads this has had any success going that route. I really do not need much to get four books out there and to redo the store so that I make enough money to see EFTI stay strong.


Thank you for all you do.  Thank me by remembering sharing is caring; so is liking, or commenting. Your caring keeps me going.


Today’s critical thinking exercise using this WordPress DAILY PROMPT  – Earworm: Write whatever you normally write about, and weave in a book quote, film quote, or song lyric that’s been sticking with you this week.

For me a song’s refrain or a quote is obviously “When a goal is not met, the wrong goal was set.”


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