Safety Lesson To Reduce Needless Stress

When to call 911

“Care shouldn’t start in the emergency room.”  James Douglas

Emotional Fitness Training Tips

Tip one: Make and use a Wallet Card

As those trying to help need to know who you are, who your family is, and a few things about your health; you need to have that information at your finger tips when the need to call 911 or a Crisis Team arise. Fortunately, in today’s world many health providers are giving away what is called a Wallet Card.

Wallet Cards say all that needs saying in a medical emergency including your name, contacts, insurance and relevant medical information. All adults in the family need to be carrying such a card; children should start carrying one once they begin carrying a wallet, purse or back pack.

If your health provider does not give you such a card, you can make your own on an index card. Contact and insurance information goes on one side; relevant medical information, including allergies, chronic health problems and prescribed medications goes on the reverse side. When I have made one for friends and family, I put a bright red border around the medical information it so it can be easily found.

Such information needs to be kept by your landline and plugged into your cell phone as well as kept in your wallet.

Some service providers also give you a copy of your most recent health summary. In fact, federal law says you have the right to a copy of your medical chart. So ask. My service provider gives me an updated summary at every visit as well as a summary of my most recent visit. I have copies of each in my purse and on my desk.

All family members need Wallet Cards. 

Tip two: Take a good first aid course


Start with the Red Cross.

Tip three: Educate family members

As soon as children can use a telephone, teach them how to call 911. Practice and rehearse such calls.

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DISCLAIMER ONE: EMOTIONAL FITNESS TRAINING IS NOT THERAPY.  It is a self-care, self-help educational program. Therapy is about healing, Emotional Fitness Training is about strengthening.

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