Why Asking Self to “Make a Top Ten List of Things to do this Summer”, is Useless (via The Literary Horse)

As a horse lover–look for one trail ride this summer so my grandson Max will have at least one memory of this WOW=Wacky Old Woman, I could not resist reposting this.

Ride Ride Ride bareback Hang out with horses Ride Ride backwards Ride Trail Ride Hang out with horses and friends at same time. Bonus: add food. RIDE Make a top ten list of things to do this summer, was the WordPress PostaDay prompt waiting in my inbox this morning.  I'll answer it in another way: we'll take all the horse stuff as a given, and then add another top ten. My top ten excluding (gasp, choke, rend, tear) horses: Go to Yosemite,  (where … Read More

via The Literary Horse

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