WHY THIS: Love it when over thirty wisdom is promoted.  Now that the boomers, who started that rant, are pushing retirement age, more and more wisdom of the ages will be honored. Hopefully the under thirties will also stop throwing away the good stuff we elderly know. Hoped it was a cartoon, but it is a news interview.  Still might be worth your while.

IMAGE BY Wall Street Journal

Video – Tricks From the Elderly to Stop Worrying – WSJ.com.


Tip one: Realize the world grows by standing on the shoulders of giants and seeing both what the giant saw and what needs changing.

Tip two: Live in the now. The past is over, the future uncertain, and not in your control. Plan, ahead, but keep expectations realistic.

Tip three:  Accept that your life will be a mix of success and failure. Control what you can, know luck plays a part.

Tip four: Don’t deny the pain and struggle, but be grateful for what you have been given; enjoy all you can as much as you can.

Tip five: Know what matters: Doing as much good as you can while harming as few as possible. Which is why Practice Kindness is an Emotional Fitness Exercise.


The suicide rate is highest among the elderly.  Why? We struggle with pain, with loss, with being unseen, with wondering if any one cares.  Every one needs affirming.  Send this post on, not to someone on the Down Hill track, but someone who needs to understand more about aging and will also benefit by thinking about what matters.

Three people will benefit.  The person you share with, you and me. Sharing is caring, caring is kindness, and  kindness circles back.

Thank you.


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