Yesterday was my 76th Birthday and Book Launch Party.  A thank you gift for those who came and those who could not make.

Free offer of my newest book

Get it now. If you do, share and care: like, rate, and write a review.

Emotional fitness thoughts

Yesterday was both exhilarating and exhausting.  Exhilarating for all the kind words and wishes. Exhausting as sitting at my computer for ten hours was a bit long even for this addict.

Many lessons learned and much need to practice all of my Twelve Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises.


Tip one: Indulge yourself and meTake advantage of the free offer on Amazon as the book delves deeper into the exercises  than I can do here.

Tip two:  If you follow tip one Practice Kindness  care and share. Pressed for time? Here are five ways to care:  

Five stars: Writing an Amazon review merits five stars.  
Four stars: Sharing  this post with a comment on your social media or with your friends. 
Three stars. Rating the book on Amazon and commenting a bit about it on this post  
Two stars: Liking some of the reviews others post on Amazon.  
One star: Liking this post 

Tip three: If you cannot do any of the above, Practice Forgiveness.  I will, for I know we all do the best we can.

Tip four: If you are overwhelmed with media posts, reduce the load from me by signing up for my Newsletter. See the side bar. The Newsletter will include the news, Emotional Fitness Tips, some laughs, and the best post of the past two weeks.  

Stay strong

Thank you for all you do to care and share, that is practicing kindness and one of the most important ways to help others.  It is also a path to emotional fitness for you as well.


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