“Scarcity creates value. It wins the attention and admiration of others.”  so says a big business coaching blog. Not true for all things, kindness for example.

Go Beyond Random Kindness

Moreover, I do not think it applies to blogging. The most popular bloggers blog every day, despite being told that is not necessary.

So here is what I am thinking of in terms of trying to get meet my goal for the New Year. The goal? To get at least five new EFTI in print books published.

Reality demands I cut back on the time it takes to blog. I am thinking of doing a major post every Monday. Shorter mainly follow up posts Monday through Friday.  These might just be a different Poster Coach  with ad added tip framed as  thinking or remembering what matters. No separate Parenting Tips.

These posts would  end as follows:

Practice Deliberate Kindness

One way I  practice kindness  is by sharing free downloads of  most of EFTI’s  poster coaches  at the EFTIstore. A poster coach is like a face-to-face coach; all serve as practice reminders, some are quotes about what matters, some teach you the exercises needed to stay strong.

You  practice Internet kindness every time you like, comment or share someones’ post. I feel good when I support my internet friends. Even small kinesses strengthen you.

Stay strong

I work at it every day and still have moments of weakness and regret, but manage most of the time to enjoy what can be enjoyed, act wisely, forgive myself and others, and practice kindness.



    • Thank you Gail. You made my heart sing with your commentThe free poster coaches at my EFTIstore are meant to used by all fitness gurus to inspire or motivate. So hope you visit there. I am also trying to develop what I call Quick Coaches that can be printed up and used to advertise various related services. Do you have a web page?

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