Topic  #84: If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be? Easy for me.  To perfectly punctuate my writing and that would include perfect spelling.

If you read any thing I write that extends beyond a sentence or two you understand why.  What you might not understand is that I have a learning disability knows as Dysgraphia.

Dysgraphia takes many forms, but mine is an inability to remember spelling and punctuation rules.  I have the same problem remembering math rules and formulas–cannot remember the multiplication table. Moreover, letters and numbers reverse,  adding further confusion to some of my writings. Finally, as my brain ages it overcomes my true intent and forces my fingers to write whole words that have nothing to do with what I am saying.  Sigh.

How then have I managed to publish two books?  First a passionate love of reading, followed by an almost equally passionate desire to write whether anyone read or cared.  Finally, four other things were necessary:

  1. Computer spell and grammar check
  2. My husband who always saw me as better than I saw myself  and remains my first line editor
  3. An agent who saw beyond the errors and helped me get my writing in shape for a publisher
  4. Editors at the publishing house who did the same–Mary Cunnane I will always worship you.  Mary was the editor of When Good Kids Do Bad Things.  She worked at Norton then.   She now lives in Australia and is a literary agent.  If she  takes you on you are golden.

Staying strong tip: Know your strengths, know your weakness, exploit the first, get help with the second, find cheerleaders, always remember what matters, keep caring, and stay strong.

What skill do you fervently desire?

Image that I couldn’t use as without violating copy right. Provides a few laughs

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Thank you both.

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