Topic #89: Who is the last person you’d want to be stuck in an elevator with? And why?

Of those I know personally, a former boss takes the cake.  Bosses often get a bad rap, this one deserved it.  I will say no more, but was glad when I was able to leave the job.

Staying strong tip: Look for the lessons.  I needed my job, and loved everyone else I worked with.  For two years, this boss targeted me and told at least two supervisors to fire me.  I lasted fifteen years and eventually bad boss told me,  ‘You do know how to manage up-ward.”  Need to write an article on not getting fired.  It was not easy.

Keep caring and stay strong.


  1. Gee that question is a thinker too. I could say the ghosts of Christmas past..like scrooge but I guess it would be our current Prime Minister Mr. Harper cause by the time I finished with him I am sure I would be in big doodoo unles the myth about free speech is really true!

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