I BECOME A MILLION DOLLAR BABE, WHAT NEXT?   The Daily Post Question asks how I would spend a million dollars.

Sigh, I would care less about having knocked off the driver’s side mirror and gotten a $30 dollar parking ticket all because  I was rushing to a lecture I was giving free.    Good deed doers beware.  Old folk, don’t rush; young folk, don’t rush.

Okay my answer:     Would tithe and give Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Israel whatever 10% of a million  amounts to.  Pay off both my son’s mortgages,  pay off my debts, buy a new car for me and another one for  my husbands ,  take a family vacation, maybe buy a house for David and I, hire a copy editor for all my writings, and into day’s inflated market probably wouldn’t have enough to do all that.  Good thing I have learned to live on little.  I do buy a lottery ticket a week.

Staying strong because I have enough and as the Irish note “Enough is a feast.”  So what would you do with a million dollars?

Think I am going to start rating these questions or at least giving a one or two-word comment.  Trivial and boring.  Rated  on a scale of 5 is great; 1 best forgotten.  This is a 1.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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