Mount Evans, CO July--Downhill from the snow.

TOPIC 51 DOWN   So many ways to be down, get down, go down.  Definitely not up for a post of merit.  So will mainly just do a picture.  One of my kids came down on this slope when it was covered with snow.  Glad I couldn’t see it then.

Grateful for much, but still can get down.  Human, you know.  Nothing major, just life being wearisome.   As my mother used to say looking for a pretty sunset and finding only grey, “Maybe tomorrow.”

STAYING STRONG TIP: Sometimes when you are down, it pays to just lie there and rest a while.



  1. Your last point is a good one. If I am aware I feel that way, I give myself the day to feel it, if necessary, then start afresh tomorrow. We all have blue days (quite different from depression, of course) and it’s okay to acknowledge that, so long as we don’t wallow too long.

    • Thank you Tilly. Some things in life make you do what is called “STanding dead in the water.” The death of a child must do that. Still at some point you drag yourself forward and do what has to be done. Most things are as you point out not worth wallowing in, so a good nights sleep is all that is needed. Had one last night. Of course, reading that you cared enough to comment was better than coffee to start the day. Thank you.

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