Fashion? Bah humbug.

Thank you Daily Prompt: New Sensation for letting me post an EFTI poster to remind a some  people what matters.  This one free at the EFTI store.

clothes do not make the person

The prompt: “Ah, sweet youth. No matter whether you grew up sporting a fedora, penny loafers, poodle skirts, bell-bottoms, leg-warmers, skinny jeans, Madonna-inspired net shirts and rosaries, goth garb, a spikey mohawk, or even a wave that would put the Bieber to shame, you made a fashion statement, unique to you. Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you admire


Age frees you from the clutches of fashion.  I am not 100 per cent opposed to a bit of conformity blended with some individuality.  And who doesn’t want to look the best they can.

And there are always the teens and a few supposed adults who just have to stand out in a crowd.  Surprised they have not made nudity the thing, then in a few decades clothes would become outrageous.  No that would not happen – body hate stops nudity movements.

Then there are the Burka wearers who I understand flout fashion underneath and at home – if they have the money, honey. 

One of the friends I admire a great deal wears only black and usually just a black pair of pants and long-sleeved shirt.  That’s her brand and it works very well for here.

Not for me, but using her as a model, I am trying to downsize my wardrobe to a few standard outfits. Pull on pants or jeans, a slightly sexy tee-shirt topped with a long sleeve shirt, sweater, or jacket of one sort or another gets me good to go. Oh, yes comfortable sneakers for walking.   Change the pants to a skirt, the hiking shoes to Mary Jane type flats and I am good to go to more formal occasions.

EMOtional Fitness Tip

Too many people would be out of work if the fashion industry died.  In time that might make for a better world, but before then we have to figure out how to feed the hungry, care for the ill, honor the different, and live in peace. A long way off.

So if you can afford it and love being trendy go for it, just don’t get addicted.


Thought I would end this with a cartoon. Laughs keep us emotionally strong. In fact the lack of laughter shows a lack of #emotionalintelligence.

As always thank you for all you do to support EFTI’s efforts to help others stay strong. Kindness is karma and comes back to bless you. Care and share.




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